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Irganox 1010

Name: Irganox 1010, Antioxidant 1010
Chemical name:Pentaerythritol tetra[β-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxy phenyl)propionate]
Molecular formula: C73H106O12
Molecular weight: 1177.65
CAS No.: 6683-19-8


Withe powder

Melting point






Volatile matter


Chroma of solution(10g/100ml toluene)


Liquating chroma

≤ 200APHA


10g in 100ml toluene solution,chear in room temp

Transmittance(10g/100ml toluene)

425 nm≥95%, 500nm≥97%

Solubility(20°C, w/w)

acetone:46%; benzene:55%; chloroform:71%; ethyl acetate: 47%(20°C, w/w); hexane:0.3%; methanol: 0.9%; water:<0.01%; dichloromethane: 63%

Irganox 1010 Uses:

Good antioxidant, antioxidant 1010 used as antioxidant of PE, PP, polyformaldehyde, ABS resin, PS resin, PVC, engineering plastic, binder, rubber and petrochemicals.
Packing: 20/25kg cardboard drum 

Storage: Normal chemicals, in cool and dry place

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