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Ultraviolet Absorbent UV 328

Name: Ultraviolet absorbent UV-328
Chemical name: 2-(2'-Hydroxy-3',5'-dipentylphenyl)benzotriazole

Synonyms:Tinuvin 328,Primesorb 328,UV-328,2-(2H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-4,6-di-tert-pentylphenol
Molecular formula: C22H29N3O
Molecular weight: 351.5
CAS NO.: 25973-55-1
Chemical structural formula: Ultraviolet Absorbent UV-328
Chemical indexes:


Light yellow powder



Melting point


Loss on drying


Ash content


Light transmittance

440nm≥97% 500nm≥98%

Ultraviolet absorbent UV-328 can dissolve in benzene, toluene, ethyl acetate and petroleum ether, slightly dissolve in ethanol and methyl alcohol, can not dissolve in water.
Features and uses:
Tinuvin 328 is a high performance Ultraviolet Absorber. Its maximum ultraviolet absorption peak is 345nm, its light stability is similar to UV-326 and UV-327, but this product has good dissolubility with the resins. Its heat volatility is low and its durability to washing is very good.UV absorbent 328 is mainly used in polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chlornamee, polyester, epoxy resin, ABS resin and cellulosic resin, etc., about 1% of general consumption. Has a fine light stability too in various kinds of coating.

Packing and storage:

2-(2'-Hydroxy-3',5'-dipentylphenyl)benzotriazole is nontoxic, uninflammable, unexplosive and incorrosive, has good storage stability. Ultraviolet absorbent UV 328 is packed in cardboard drum with inner lining plastic bag, each drum 25kg net weight and can also be packed according to customers' requirements.