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Ultraviolet Absorbent UV 360

Name: Ultraviolet absorbent UV-360
Ingredients: 2,2'-methylene bis(6-(2H-benzotriazole-2-yl)-4-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)phenol)

Synonyms:UV-360, diurethane dimethacrylate,UV absorber-360
Introduction: UV-360 is high-efficiency ultraviolet absorbent and widely soluble in many resins. UV absorbent-360 is used in polypropylene resin, polycarbonate, polyamide Resin and others.
Molecular formula: C41H50N6O2
Molecular weight: 659
CAS NO.: 103597-45-1
Chemical structural formula: Ultraviolet Absorbent UV-360
Chemical indexes:


Light yellow powder


≥ 99%

Melting point


Loss on drying

≤ 0.5%


≤ 0.1%

Light transmittance

440nm≥97%; 500nm≥98%

Features and uses:
Diurethane dimethacrylate is a highly effective ultraviolet light absorber. Ultraviolet absorbent UV-360 exhibits strong absorbance in the 300-400nm region and is compatible with various resins, Featured by its character of very low volatile, Ultraviolet absorbent UV360 can be used in combination with HALS or antioxidant, UV absorbent 360 is particularly suitable for processing and aging conditions where high temperature, low volatility and good compatibility are required, such as complex molding, fibers, sheets, laminated or coextruded semi-finished parts.

Packing and storage: It is packed by 25kg cardboard drum.