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Ultraviolet absorbent BP-12

Ultraviolet Absorbent UV-531

Ultraviolet Absorbent UV-531 Name: Ultraviolet absorbent UV 531
Alias: Ultraviolet absorbent BP 12 ,BP-12,UV-531
Chemical name: 2-Hydroxy-4-n-octyloxybenzophenone
Molecular formula: C21H26O3
CAS No.: 1843-05-6
Structural formula:Ultraviolet Absorbent UV-531


Light yellow needle-like crystalline powder



Melting point




Light transmittance

450nm>90% 500nm>95%

Solubility(25°C)(g/100g solvent )

Acetone: 74 benzene:72 methanol: 2 ethanol(95%): 2.6
normal heptane: 40 normal hexane: 40.1

Features and uses:
UV-531 is one kinds of high efficient anti-aging auxiliary with good performance, ultraviolet absorbent BP-12 can adsorb the UV ray of 240-340 nanometer. The features include non-toxicity, good compatibility, low transfer and easy to process. UV absorbent 531 can reduce the color and physical retarding loss. It can be used in PE, PVC, PP, PS, PC, organic glass, polypropylene fiber, vinyl acetate, dry phenolic aldehyde & alkyd varnish, PU, acrylate, epoxy type, air drier, automobile fix paint, powder coating and rubber product. Dosage 0.1%-0.5%. 
Packing and storage:

Ultraviolet absorbent UV-531 is non-toxic, non-inflammable, non-explosive, non-corrosive matter with good storage stability. Packed in plastic bag lined carton, Net wt. 20kg/drum, or following your demand.